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Ataturk's Life
Ataturk's Life - Dolmabahce Palace

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born on 12 March 1881 in Salonika (now in Greece). His father’s name is Ali Riza Efendi, worked as lumber trader and militia officer. Grandfather of Ali Riza Efendi belonged to the Kocacik Nomads who were settled in Macedonia. His mother is Zubeyde Hanim was a daughter of a Turkish family who had settled in a town near Salonika. They married in 1871. They had six children. But only Mustafa Kemal and Makbule could survive. Others died in their early ages.
Mustafa has stated his school life in at the neighborhood Semsi Efendi School. When he lost his father in 1888, he lived with his uncle in a farm for a while. The he came back to Salonika to complete his education. He went to Salonika Mulkiye Rustiye as secondary school and soon he transferred to military Rustiye. One of his teachers in this school was also named Mustafa added “Kemal” name to prevent the confusion. He registered Monastery Military and then military school, graduated in 1902 as lieutenant and finally he graduated from Military Academy on 11 January 1905 with a rank of major. The first position was stationed in Damascus with the 5th Army and he got promoted to the rank of senior major was attended to the 3rd Army was stationed in monastery. After he worked as staff officer of the “Special Troops” one year in Istanbul, he was posted to Paris Picardie maneuvers. He started to work at the General Staff Office in Istanbul in 1911.
The war which was started with the attack of Italian on Tripoli, Mustafa Kemal was attended with a group of his friends at Tobruk and Derne regions. He won the Tobruk battle in 22 December 1911 against Italians. He was made commander of Derne 6 march 1912.

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Ataturk's Life - Dolmabahce Palace



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